About Project

About our project Globus Guide is a virtual tour guide around the world. With this guide you can remotely admire cities from a bird's-eye view and get acquainted with sights, museums, restaurants and hotels that you’re not familiar with. Globus Guide was created by friends living in different cities and countries and launched in 2017. We considered it an honor to take on the development of the tourist attractiveness of the region on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Modern equipment for aerial photography and unique software helped us create a truly unique project. Every day the virtual guide is updated with new air and land travel destinations, and its audience grows. Globus Guide introduces users to the urban geography and culture side of the city as well as its life, and it really helps get an amazing feel of what a place looks like. Virtual tour viewing is available on all devices: touch panels, information terminals and virtual reality glasses. Besides, tours are easily integrated into any sites, social networks, and news blogs. Individual panoramas of the tour are complemented by text blocks, sound and video clips, which highly contributes to promoting business on the Internet. The site has a convenient booking system, and here you can place any ads about buying or selling real estate in the region. The mission of our project is to promote business development and increase the investment attractiveness of the regions. We want to enable everyone to ‘move’ to any place on our planet and plan trips and holidays to the finest details. With Globus Guide you will know what is served in a particular cafe, how apartments you would like to rent look like, and what people around are talking about. Sounds fantastic? Not for us.